Dermal piercing is a permanent type of body piercing that involves the use of surgical procedures to implant jewelry on your skin. However, it does not necessarily mean that you have to be admitted to a center to get your body pierced. With the help of a qualified professional, you can get your micro dermal implant, as some people prefer to call it. Dermal piercing does not cost a million dollars, though a host of factors determines the final number of dollar notes you shed on it.

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What Is Dermal Piercing?

It is a more permanent type of body piercing where your skin is open to stick in the jewelry or anything you want on it. Dermal piercing, unlike the normal surface body piercing, is more permanent. This does not mean that it cannot be eventually removed. However, it is made to stick into your skin rather than go through it like the normal body pierce.

When getting a dermal pierce, your skin is punctured either with a skin needle or a dermal punch to make a hole or pouch where your jewelry can be inserted. This does not take time and can be quick if you get yourself a good professional.

While body surface piercings come through at a point on your skin, the dermal piercing has no exit point. This is their fundamental difference.

How Much Does Dermal Piercing Cost?

Generally, there are a lot of criteria that influence the dermal piercing cost. You will have to take into account the cost of the jewelry to be inserted; whether you bought it yourself or not. Factoring in all these, the dermal piercing costs about $70 to $150.

This is variable to a degree. Some people might be charged more due to some factors like age or skin type and also the location of the piercing, while others might have their own done for quite less for the same reasons.

Older persons are more likely to incur higher charges than the younger ones due to the nature of the skin. Likewise, people with a patchy skin or who wants to have their dermal piercing in places like the ear will likely be charged higher than soft-skinned customers.

How to Clean Your Dermal Piercing?

Aftercare of dermal piercing is as important as any of the processes involved in it. It takes about a month to three for a dermal pierce to heal. You should know that good cleaning habits can help you to heal faster and avoid infections.

  • Dab the area of your dermal pierce with a cotton swab soaked in homemade sea salt twice in a day.
  • Use a quarter of a teaspoon of non-iodized salt in a cup of warm water to dab around the dermal pierce every day.
  • Clean the pierced area with diluted tree tea oil with a cotton ball or tissue to disinfect the area every day.

Dermal piercings are semi-permanent, therefore, you will want to be sure you understand what you want. With a little above a hundred dollars, you can get one wherever. Also, the aftercare of a dermal piercing is important; a good cleaning routine will help your piercing to heal faster.