Stars symbols are among the most famous tattoo designs.
Indeed, they were one of the most popular tattoo to get in the 90s. Recently, they regained popularity thanks to the micro tattoos trend (also called “tiny tattoos“).

In this article we are going to explain the meaning of stars tattoo and why they are so common.

The various meanings of stars tattoos

Gestion a star as a first tattoo is pretty common among ink lovers as its a universal symbol.
Indeed, stars tattoos can have various meanings.

The five-pointed star or pentagram tattoo

The five-pointed star is a very common symbol that can be found on many support such as many countries flags, brands logo, etc …

Among tattoo designs, pentagrams are the most popular form of star thanks to the fact that they can be easily integrated into any tattoo design.

Indeed, a pentagram star is great and simple design with high contrasts. Moreover, it’s easy to fill it with other symbols such as a portrait or geometric pattern.

A five-pointed star or pentagram tattoo could mean:

  • ambition in life,
  • a symbol to remember a moment in your life,
  • a faith or religious symbol,
  • the birth of a child in a family,
  • a spiritual symbol related to the astrology Zodiac signs,
  • etc …

The nautical Star Tattoo: a cool sailor tattoo

The nautical star is a very famous design that is part of the traditional American sailor tattoos style.

This star was popularised by sailors who were far from home during many months.

Nowadays, this style is increasing in popularity thanks to its various symbols such as:

  • a cool tattoo to keep a direction in life,
  • meaning a passion for traveling,
  • just a cool traditional sailor tattoo,
  • etc …

The hexagram star: a tattoo with many religious and spiritual meanings

The hexagram, also known as the six-pointed star figure, has many spiritual meanings.

Indeed, it could mean:

  • it could symbolise the “Star of David”,
  • it could represent the “Seal of Solomon”,
  • represent an interest in occultism,
  • etc …

Where to get a star tattooed? Common Body Placements

The most common body areas to get a star tattoo are:

  • Hips,
  • Wrist,
  • Neck,
  • Forearm,
  • Ribs,
  • Foot,

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