When searching for information before deciding which tattoo to get, one of the most common question is “What are the least and most painful body parts to get a tattoo?“.

Knowing where the needle hurts most and where to place your tattoo might help reduce some of the fear.

In order to help you decide where to get your future tattoo, we are going to explain which part of the body hurts the most.

Tattoo Pain Chart: discover the most and least painful body areas

Getting a tattoo on the shoulder? A good option for a first piece

There is more padding and fewer nerve endings in the shoulder area than in other locations, thus the pain is lessened throughout the tattooing process.

Thus, the shoulder is often a good area to get your first tattoo piece.

Hands tattoos: does it hurt?

The hand is a very sensitive area.

Indeed, due to the thinner skin and increased sensitivity to the needle, hand tattoos are known to be painful. It’s mainly due to the fact that there are a lot of muscles, small bones and ligaments that make the hand more uncomfortable.

Although getting a tattoo on your hand is a super cool project, be ready to feel a bit of pain during the process.

The armpit: one of the most painful body part to get a tattoo

The area near the armpit is very painful and especially the skin around the elbow.

Indeed, in this area the skin layer is very thin.

Moreover, a lot of nerves pass through the armpit.

Last but not least, due to the constant movement, it may take longer and be more painful than a typical tattoo to heal.

If you choose this body part for your next piece, be ready for the pain.

Tattoos on the feet and the ankle: it hurts a lot

Very famous as part of summer tattoos, these areas hurt a lot.

Indeed, due to the proximity of the skin to the bone and the lack of fat, tattoos on the foot and ankle can be very painful. Making the tattoo session uncomfortable.

Getting a tattoo piece on the ribs: it’s hella painful

In the ribs area, there is very little skin, muscle, or fat, making tattooing extremely painful.

Moreover, the ribs have very little cushioning on the right side of the skin, and the nerve endings add pain when the needle pass on them.

Last but not least, as the ribs move as you breathe, it makes the whole tattoo session more painful.

So does getting a tattoo hurts?

When it comes to tattoos, they can hurt, but how much depends on many various aspects, such as:

  • the length of time of the tattoo session,
  • the person’s tolerance for pain,
  • the style chosen,
  • and the location of the tattoo.

Moreover, many personal factors can affect your pain tolerance including:

  • your body’s temperature,
  • your hydration level,
  • and your tattoo artist technique,