Getting your first tattoo is an exciting journey yet full of questions. Indeed, it can feel like a daunting task to choose a design that you will love for the rest of your life.

In order to help you, we compiled our best advice to help you choose the tattoo you should get.

Research the right style and artist for your future tattoo

Don’t be in a hurry to immediately commit to a specific design, especially if you want the tattoo to have a meaning. Indeed, the tattoo world is vast and there are a lot of different styles such as:
  • Classic American style,
  • New school tattoo,
  • Japanese tattoo,
  • Black and grey tattoo,
  • Portrait tattoo,
  • Realist tattoo,
  • Micro tattoo,
  • etc,
Thus be sure to research the differences in each style and find the one that fits you the best.

Once you find the right style and symbol, we recommend to start following the best tattoo artists on Instagram for that particular tattoo style
. Indeed, it’s primordial to follow the works of various artists in order to select the best one for you.

Then, after exchanging with them, the artists can help you by drafting a few designs based on what you tell them and suggest options that fit your desired location and size

Choose carefully the body part where you want to get your tattoo

It’s very important to choose the right spot for your first tattoo.
Indeed, you have to think about your body like a canvas. Thus, your canvas size
is limited hence why you choose start on the right area.

Another important aspect to think about the placement is your professional career.

Unfortunately, tattoos are still
negatively viewed in very formal businesses so you have to be aware of itFor example, neck or hands tattoos are very cool but very visible.

Face tattoos are also gaining acceptance in today’s society, but are still an extreme style

So it can lead to issues depending on your work environment.
Just be aware of that and take it into account when you select the area of your future tattoo.

We hope that these advice will help you choose the best tattoo for you.
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